Crazy dunker’s videos going viral

If you haven’t seen this guys videos on Youtube yet then do yourself a favor:

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The dude’s name is Justin Darlington and not only is he the world’s highest dunker AND number 1 dunker of all time, but he also holds records in high jump as well.

So if you haven’t seen what he can do with a basketball and a hoop then you gotta check this out: Click Here

“I’ve always believed that if you work hard enough at it, you can achieve almost all of your goals. I’ve seen that happen time and time again in the sports world.”

– Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

He’s invented a bunch of dunks and has a vertical jump of over 50.1″ meaning he can jump clean over most people’s heads!

There’s a video on this page where he’s doing all kinds of insane dunks that you’ve never seen before. He also shared a bunch of his tips and tricks for how he got the crazy jump he has now:

PS: If you love dunking or want to learn how to dunk yourself, you just gotta see this video.